Career counseling and career coaching are similar in nature to traditional counseling. However, the focus is generally on issues such as:

  • career exploration
  • career change
  • personal career development
  • other career related issues

Typically when people come for career counseling they know exactly what they want to get out of the process, but are unsure about how it will work.

Sometimes an employment change causes an individual to alter the prior course of their employment career and learning how to maximize their prior experiences into their new career choice is helpful.

The Process

Career counseling is the process of helping the individual to select a course of study that may help them to get into an occupation or make them more employable. A career counselor helps the candidates to get into the career that is suited to their aptitude, personality, interest and skills. So it is the process of making an effective correlation between the internal psychology of a candidate with the external factors of employability and courses.

The approach of career counseling varies, but will generally include the completion of one or more assessments. These assessments typically include cognitive ability tests, and personality assessments. The two most commonly used assessments are the Strong Interest Inventory and the MBTI.

Who Benefits


Career counselors work with people from various walks of life, such as adolescents seeking to explore career options, or experienced professionals contemplating a career change. Our career counselors have a background in vocational psychology and/or industrial/organizational psychology.

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