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Neuro-Psychology Consultants

Psychological testing is recommended when:

  • There is significant diagnostic uncertainty
  • Distressing symptoms and/or behaviors are not responding to treatment or to other interventions
  • There are substantial changes in mood, behavior, and/or the ability to function
  • Treatment has not been sufficiently successful
  • There is confusion about what, exactly, is happening and/or why it is happening
  • Emotional, social, and academic difficulties are intertwined in complicated ways
  • One feels overwhelmed, exasperated, and/or at a loss about what to do
  • Individuals receiving a limited number of therapy sessions can benefit from psychological assessment prior to their treatment

The goals of every psychological assessment are to:

  • Answer specific questions and concerns
  • Provide a comprehensive understanding of what is occurring and why
  • Identify sound courses of action that can ameliorate or resolve existing problems

Psychological tests are used to assess a variety of mental abilities and attributes, including achievement and ability, personality, and neurological functioning.

A psychological assessment provides evaluations administered to assess the cognitive and emotional functioning of children and adults.

Psychological assessments are often helpful in legal proceedings for evaluating social security disability, as well as in child custody and evaluation of bonding, determining emotional, psychological, intellectual and parental issues that may impact upon the decision for custody.

A neuropsychological examination and consult provides a comprehensive and detailed description of the unique behavioral, cognitive, and psychological functioning of the brain and consequences of brain trauma. This assessment documents functional strengths and weaknesses to identify rehabilitation resources to help the individual adjust to or compensate for disabilities. Scientific techniques are used to infer preexisting characteristics and to provide an index of the extent and type of changes brought about by an injury. Prognosis for recovery or adaptability can be similarly inferred and fully documented.

The team at Family Therapy & Development Centers provides an uncommonly thorough approach to psychological assessments and neuropsychological examinations. This approach allows well informed diagnostic decisions and highly individualized recommendations.

Because assessment requires a thorough understanding of many aspects of the individual, there can be up to 9 hours of testing.

Interviews and testing can total up to 12 hours. Consequently, testing and interview sessions are broken into manageable lengths of time.

Family Therapy & Development Centers charges a flat rate for psychological assessments and neuropsychological assessments. We do not financially penalize individuals who require more time to move through the process.

Psychological assessment reports allow treating therapists to gain a thorough understanding of important history, psychological functioning, symptoms, and diagnostic considerations in a short amount of time. This can dramatically accelerate treatment, allowing clients to progress further than would otherwise be possible during the available sessions.

Psychological Testing